We Create Apps That Take Care of Your Privacy on Android Smartphones. 

Hide SMS, Calls, Images, Videos, Files Using our Privacy Apps. 

Hide Photos, Videos & Files
We have created some of the best in class apps, that can maintain your 'Data Privacy' on Android devices you own. With these Privacy Apps you can hide any data on your smartphone with only few clicks. There are both, Free and Paid Versions you can download and start using instantly.

Hide SMS, Calls, Logs & More
With our apps 'Communication Privacy Apps' for Android smartphones, you can easily hide important logs and communication data completely. For various reasons we need to hide our SMS/Texts, Calls, Logs & Manage our phone. These Android Privacy apps are specially designed to take care of all your worries of some one eavesdropping in your smartphone. All the apps are compatible with every Android smartphones and can be easily downloaded and installed quickly. Start hiding now!
Our Best Privacy Apps
Our developers are working hard on creating the Android Apps that can take care of your privacy needs. Many of our apps are well appreciated and rated at Android Marketplace and everywhere around web. Some of our most downloaded apps are -
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