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Hide Sms/Text, Calls, Photos, Videos, Files, Audio. Block Calls.

There’s more. It’s DISGUISED (and password protected too).


Using Our Most Powerful Privacy App, You Can -

  • Hide Sms/Text
  • Hide Calls
  • Protect Access to Photos
  • Lock Private Videos
  • Hide Files
  • Hide Audio/Music
  • Block Calls

We plan to add more features to the app, so do drop by with your suggestions.


FAQ For Hiding Texts Calls & Blocking Calls

Que: How do I open the app? What do you mean by disguised?
Ans: The app is installed as bManager. It’s disguised as Bluetooth Manager. If anyone opens the app, he can see only bluetooth icon with settings. You can start/stop bluetooth from here. To get into the real app, tap 3 times on the big bManager name. You’ll be asked for password. If it’s first time use, you’ll get to create your password and henceforth you need to use this password.

Q: How do I hide my text or call logs?
A: Open the app. Get into real app by tapping 3 times on bManager name. Now click on “Contact Setting”, there you can see two tabs. One for enabling/disabling the service. Other for applying settings to particular contact.
Click on Start Hiding button. And apply proper settings to the desired contacts.

Q: I want to apply different hiding parameters for different contacts. Can I do that?
A: Yes. Open app. Go to “Contact Setting”. Go to Setting tab. Click on the particular contact. You’ll see three option – Hide Sms, Hide Calls, Block calls. You can select any or all. You can also see what settings you have applied to which contact in this tab only.

Q: How do I check hidden messages/call logs.
A: There are two buttons ‘SMS Logs’ & ‘Call Logs’ for that.

Q: Can I send text from this app?
A: Yes. If the message logs is empty, use default messaging app to send a text. It’ll be caught by our app, now you can use the same thread to start messaging to that contact.

Q: Can I create secret hidden contact with this app?
A: Yes. “Contact Setting” -> Click menu button -> Create New Contact. This contact is not interfered with any other app making it truly hidden. The contacts created in such manner are displayed in GREEN color. However contacts fetched from default contacts app are in YELLOW color.

Q: Any important note for hiding sms/calls or blocking calls?
A: The contact you are hiding should be in the same format as you see on your caller ID when that person calls you. If it’s not, then go to default contacts app, edit the contact, and then apply settings to that contact in our app.

Q: Can I take backup of my hidden texts?
A: Yes. Go to SMS Logs. Click menu button. Click backup. Backup is stored on bManager folder.

Note -¬†This “Contact Setting” is applicable for hiding sms,calls, blocking calls only. For hiding all sort of files, read further.


FAQ For Hiding Photos, Videos Audio & Files

Q: How do I hide files/videos/photos?
A: Two ways -
1. Go to default gallery. Select the images or videos or both that you want to hide, click share, select bManager.
2. Use default file manager app, click share, then bManager. Select the desired files. That’s it.

Q: How to access/see the hidden stuff?
A: Open the app, tap 3 times on the screen, put password, click on “Hidden Data” option.

Q: Can I unhide any item after I hide them?
A: Yes, once you are in the real app long press on any file, and you’ll find an option to unhide.

Q: Are there separate folders for images, videos, files & audio?
A: Yes. The files will automatically be stored into respective folders.

Q: Can I open the photos/videos/files/audio records from your app?
A: You can open photo, video and audio records from our app. There is no need to unhide them first and then play.
However, the ‘files’ are general files (other than audio/video/photo). They can be opened only from the default file manager, so you need to unhide them first.

Q: Can I specify particular folder to store data while unhiding?
A: Yes.

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